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  If You Drive a Truck You Need a Tarpeez®

When I first saw these featured with a request for product reviewers over at the Outdoor Bloggers Summit Blog I was intrigued but honestly not impressed. I hunt, I fish, I'm a Mom, I'm a homemaker and I see new products that are supposed to make my hunt better, make the fish jump on my hook, automatically pick up the toys Lil Sugar throws all over the floor and make my bathtub sparkly clean without the need for any elbow grease all the time. Also I work in marketing, advertising and public relations - I don't believe much of the hype I hear and see about any product - I am however very interested in what other people have to say about the products they use so I try to do my part to promote products that I think really do deliver what they promise. Also I figured that if Tarpeez® was willing to help sponsor the OBS, I'd give their product a try and an honest opinion.

My honest opinion?

I'm impressed.

The hooks are sturdy, the bungees are strong and the right length, the seams are perfect and the tarp itself is sturdy. We haven't gotten to drive down the road with this yet - but we will and I expect it to deliver. It is very easy to use and one of the things I'm most impressed with - it does roll back up and fit in its storage bag to go back in the toolbox or under the seat until you need it again. I'm constantly frustrated with things that won't fit back into the storage bag it comes with unless you happen to be an engineer and can figure out the exact way to fold it back up - there are no worries about that with this. I also like having the tarp and the bungee cords all being the same thing - no scrambling to find one more bungee to get the tarp tight enough to keep it from flying off the back of the truck as you drive down the road. Oh, and the makers of the Tarpeez® were smart enough to make it in three different sizes - so it will fit any size truck bed properly without excess adjustment.

This cynic has been convinced. You need to check out the Tarpeez® website for more information and to find out how to order your own Tarpeez®!

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  Over the last couple of months I have been hauling a lot of gear in my truck on a pretty regular basis. Through wind, rain and the freeway and a regular tarp was just not going to cut it. Doing some research I found a product that really makes a difference in hauling gear and keeping it all contained and dry. Now I really love my truck and because it is a truck I did not want it to have a camper shell on it or a hard Tonneau cover on the truck because sometimes I haul a little gear and sometimes I need to haul a ton of boxes and a dolly to move them and a hard cover is just limiting.

Along came an email exchange between Kevin Fox and myself. Kevin and his brother Dennis created Tarpeez as a soft cover tarp that is fitted with hooks and bungee cords built into them in order to hold them down and keep them from flapping in the wind. The product is pure genius and the beauty is it rolls up into a small 6 by 6 by 9 bundle that slides right behind my seats for storage. It is there when I need it and hidden when I do not need it.

The beauty of this product is that it has no real corners that flap around in the wind and drive you crazy while you are zooming down the freeway and they have sizes to fit everything from a small pickup bed to the largest long beds.

The best part of owning this product is that everything that is in your truck bed is going to remain in your truck bed and that is going to be good for keeping our American roadways clean and debris free. My only hope is that the Fox brothers will create and develop one of these to work for the really large earth moving trucks that I see hauling dirt and gravel up and down 95 each and every day.

For a price point around $50.00 or so, this is a product that every one of you with a truck should look into. I could not be happier with mine. As well Tarpeez donated some of these great tarps to me for a couple of conservation banquets locally to raise money for the great outdoors and some to be donated to the Outdoor Bloggers Summit to raise funds for our blogging event on writing the outdoors and conservation. This is a company that stands behind its products with a full guarantee and supports conservation. GO check them out!

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A few months ago I bought a small bed Tarpeez for my 07 Honda Ridgeline. You had stated that you didn't know how well it would work. It's been sitting under my back seat until I needed to use it.

Well, while on vacation, I used it and it worked great! By clipping it to the lower tiesdown front and back and the ends to the trailer hitch. It went thru a very strong rainstorm (Freedome, NH) (heavy rains and 70 mph winds) that I was sure would leave items soaked beneath it but I was very surprised and happy that everything was dry.

Keep on making great products!

Larry Krainson
Longmeadow, MA
A Very Happy Tarpeez Owner!


My name is Clint Thomsen and I maintain an outdoors/adventure related website at www.bonnevillemariner.com. I was given a Tarpeez tarp by a representative of the Outdoor Bloggers Summit for a gear review. I just wanted alert you to the review I posted today, which you can read here. Great product.

Clint Thomsen

  I have had a truck of some sort for about 8 years. My first truck had a hard cover, or a tonneau cover. I liked it, however it was a permanent fixture on the truck and really couldn't be removed. So when I needed to move things like sofas or any large pieces of furniture it was a problem. It was good though when I wanted to keep weather off stuff I had in the back.

I was recently given a product called Tarpeez to test out and it is pretty darn slick. It is a perfect product for those of us who go out camping or keep a lot of gear in the back but want to keep the sun, wind and rain off of it. Tarpeez is a expandable tarp that can fit over different bed types. It comes in short bed (5x5), standard bed (5x6.5), and long bed (5x8). The system uses bungees to connect the back, sides, and front to parts of the truck bed. Tarpeez takes less than a minute to connect and is very sturdy. It also does a good job of keeping things inside the truck bed. Since it is a tarp it can easily disconnect and then fold neatly to fit under seats in the cab of the truck.

Tarpeez is a great product and at around $50 it is affordable as well.

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Dear Tarpeez,

Just wanted to let you know that your product worked great for my recent camping trip. My 2000 Nissan Frontier X-Cab is a smaller truck than the Tarpeez was designed for but with the large load I had on the truck it was ideal. As you can see in the photo the load was well above the bed but the Tarpeez held everything in tight. Your design also made it simple to pull back the cover to get to our gear and secure it down again in seconds. I've used the old net covers in the past but my Tarpeez is far superior. It will never get tangled up like my old net and it protects my gear from rain, dust, and wind, something my net could never do. After the trip it easily rolled back up and fit nicely back in to it's carrying case, unlike some other products that seem to get bigger once you remove them from the package and will never fit back in! I will definitely recommend the Tarpeez to all my friends and customers with trucks. Keep up the good work. This is the bed cover for me, that is unless you decide to make one specifically for my truck!


Shane Christopherson
Quality Sound
Tempe, Arizona

We recently went camping in Idylwild, CA. and I was amazed at how well the Tarpeez held up.  I packed so much camping gear in the back of my truck I thought for sure my Tarpeez would tear!  When we got to our campsite and began to set up our tent we realized we didn’t pack the tent poles.  It was too late to go into town for a tent so we slept in the bed of the truck with the Tarpeez over us.  Tarpeez really does come in handy!

Jamie Almeida
Winegard Energy Inc.

I bought a Tarpeez this spring to use when we go hunting and camping. The Tarpeez has worked out great protecting our gear and keeping it dry. I especially liked how it kept the Arizona sun off of my ice-packed elk this fall as I returned to Phoenix. It is easier to install than the bungee webbing I have used in the past and is much nicer looking. I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your customer service. Through no fault of the product, I needed to replace the bungee cord and a couple of hooks. When I inquired about purchasing the replacement parts, you offered to send them to me at no cost. That is customer service that goes the extra mile. I have recommended the Tarpeez to friends and family in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Jim Domigan
Phoenix, AZ

A few months ago I bought a small bed Tarpeez for my 07 Honda Ridgeline. You had stated that you didn't know how well it would work. It's been sitting under my back seat until I needed to use it.

Well, while on vacation, I used it and it worked great! By clipping it to the lower tiesdown front and back and the ends to the trailer hitch. It went thru a very strong rainstorm (Freedome, NH) (heavy rains and 70 mph winds) that I was sure would leave items soaked beneath it but I was very surprised and happy that everything was dry.

I've attached a few pics of it on my Ridge. I also added comments to both Ridgeline user groups with links to your website too. Hopefully you'll get more Ridgeline sales out of it.

Keep on mkaing great products!

Larry Krainson
Longmeadow, MA
A Very Happy Tarpeez Owner!

Larry Krainson
So I’m heading down to the dump. I don’t have much of a load to take and it is all fairly heavy so I know that it’s not going to blow out. I think it was cleaning from out of our basement. I was driving down to the dump and I realized that I’m not covered, and that it’s going to cost me double to unload it. I pull to the side of the road about two hundred yards from the entrance, pull up my seat and I pull out my Tarpeez and hook it on. Then I drive up to the dump and pay the regular fee instead of having to pay the double cost.

Scott Dastrup
Excel Property Management
Salt Lake City, UT

I think Tarpeez is a great concept. It's so nice to have an inexpensive, efficient way to cover loads and keep them out of the wind and rain. It hooks on so easy and fast that even a monkey should be able to do it. I also like how it fits back easily into the bag it came in for easy storage behind the seat.

Wayne Yates

Madison Auto
Rexburg, ID 83440

Well we use Tarpeez for many reasons. We use it to cover our luggage or to cover our golf clubs to keep them from getting wet. We use it for our landscaping when we trim trees, cut grass. It keeps things from blowing out when we drive to the dump.

Carolyn Saum
Mesa, AZ

I've been looking for just this type of product for my extended cab short bed 2005 GMC pickup. I have searched the internet attempting to locate something like this.

Roy Bovingdon
Lakeside, AZ
We went on a trip to California with all of or family. I took our truck and we threw all of our luggage, all of our stuff back there. We went to California and back and didn’t have any problems at all. In fact, on our way back we stopped to get something to eat and the wind was blowing really badly. We kind of climbed under the Tarpeez a little bit and just sat there and ate our lunch and then went on our way.

Blaine Mullenaux
Mesa, AZ

You guys invented an awesome product! I recently went camping with my buddies and was able to use my Tarpeez for the first time. It was easy quick and easy to install and kept all our camping gear dry. All my buddies commented on how cool my Tarpeez looks! They all want one for their trucks now.

Charlie Wilson (Guy on right)
Azusa, CA.

I needed two Tarpeez, a standard for my truck and a long bed for my utility trailer so I can use it to keep things covered when I work around the house and then I can hook up to the truck and go straight to the dump without worrying or losing stuff on the highway.

Richard Fox
Mesa, AZ

Dear Tarpeez,

I recommend Tarpeez to anyone who has a truck! I deliver product to all our offices throughout California and love how it keeps my load secure and dry when it rains. I can also stop for a quick bite to eat and not worry so much about my material in the truck because Tarpeez hides my load from view.

Oscar Torres
Winegard Energy Inc.
Los Angeles, CA.

TARPEEZ IS INCREDIBLE. It’s easy to install, easy to take apart. I work in construction I am always hauling materials and tools. One day on the way to my jobsite. I got caught up in heavy rain. I pulled over, installed my TARPEEZ, and got back on the road all under five minutes. My material and tools stayed dry.

Thank you,
Manuel Cisneros
Glendale, Az.

Dear Tarpeez,

I want to thank you for developing a truck cover that’s practical and inexpensive. I’m in construction and have looked into buying a tonneau cover but found that I was limited to how much equipment I could put in the back of my truck. When my neighbor told me about Tarpeez I knew I had to have one! Even though you don’t have a model that fits my truck, the full size short bed meets my needs. I no longer have to worry about stuff flying out of the bed of my truck or worry that people know what I have. It’s a great investment!

Chino Hills, CA.

My Tarpeez has become so popular among my friends that I rarely get to use it myself. They’re always borrowing it! Your product is going to make an excellent Christmas gift this year!

Tom Clark
Monrovia, CA.

My favorite Tarpeez story is my neighbors always came over to borrow my Tarpeez so I just went and bought them one. They’re just great all the way around.

Brent Connolly
Mesa, AZ

I renegade paintball on the weekends and use it to keep my equipment covered during games.

Richard Fonbuena
Las Vegas, NV

Well it works great. I first got the Tarpeez to go on a vacation to Colorado at Christmas time. I loaded up the truck with Christmas presents and luggage. Then we got into a snow storm. I didn’t know how the Tarpeez would hold up. I was so relieved when we got up there because the tarp was covered with an inch of snow but everything under it was dry. All we had to do was flip it off and unload and ready to go. It worked great.

Andy Saum
Mesa, AZ


On a trip up to Utah to do some hunting we had packed all of our gear into the back of our truck. We hit a rain storm that we weren’t really prepared for. Luckily, we had with us the Tarpeez, and it really only takes five seconds to throw that thing on. It ended up saving most of our bedding and everything that we would be sleeping on from getting drenched.

Mesa, AZ

When my husband purchased your product for his truck, I though it was going to be difficult to install. Once I saw how easy it was, I had to have one for my truck too!

Karen Fonbuena
Soccer Mom
Las Vegas, NV

The tarpeez worked great, thanks!

Clint Peterson
Far North Adventure

Tarpeez Testimonial Clint
Actually a friend bought the Tarpeez for me when some of us were going camping, a friend and another neighbor. We took it on that first trip and after then it has been very convenient. We use it to cover our equipment. I also use it for work, to cover electrical components. It’s out of sight, out of mind. And it’s very easy to use. Tarpeez is affordable, light weight convenient and I love it.

Mesa, AZ

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