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March 1, 2006 - TRUCK TREND Magazine Nominates TARPEEZ® As One Of The Hottest New Truck Products.

Power, convenience, managing cargo: Whatever you're looking for, the 2005 Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show, held annually in Las Vegas, had something to meet your needs. Here are the best truck and SUV products introduced there.

Keep Stuff On-Board
Tarpeez, a durable, weatherproof soft tarp, uses large clips that attach it to the truck's stake holes and bungee cords to secure it over loads.

Truck Trend Magazine Review

Sportsman's Gear Magazine

TARPEEZ® is a durable soft cover tarp that protects the stuff you haul in your truck and it's compact enough to fit conveniently under the seat of your truck when your not hauling a load.

TARPEEZ was created by truck users, for truck users. If you use your truck, as a truck, to haul stuff, TARPEEZ is a must have. It fits CHEVY, DODGE, FORD, GMC full size trucks and the TOYOTA Tundra.

TARPEEZ stands out from the competition. It's unique design is simpler and more efficient. Who wants to deal with the hassle of tying down a tarp or untangling a net? Neither is guaranteed to be secure. With TARPEEZ, those problems are eliminated.

TARPEEZ is held onto the truck with one continuous piece of bungee, and then secured by eight hooks. It can be used when your truck is almost empty or overflowing and can be attached in a matter of seconds and best of all it's affordable.

TARPEEZ will protect your load, protect others, and keep America's highway clean.

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